Who we are.

FrankLimpusFrank Limpus. A 25+ year public relations practitioner, Frank has held communications leadership positions in two multi-national corporations (Hospital Corporation of America and Nissan North America), a regional marketing communications agency (Dye Van Mol & Lawrence) and a tertiary university medical center (University of Tennessee Medical Center Knoxville). He has been on both the front lines and behind the lines in numerous crisis and non-crisis situations and story opportunities. In addition to a communications degree from The University of Tennessee, he holds the consultant certification from the Institute of Crisis Management, Louisville, KY. He formed Limpus Communications in 2007 to bring creative communications solutions to businesses that needed them.

Expert Sourcing. We use an expert sourcing approach to serving our clients. By bringing together the precise experience needed for each assignment, our model offers the strength, skill and support of a large agency without the large associated price tag.

Our Philosophy guides how we conduct business. We strive to be:

  • Strategic. Well-defined goals, objectives and strategies guide our efforts.
  • Respectful. We treat clients exactly as we want to be treated.
  • Trustworthy. We’ll do what’s right.
  • Responsible. We’ll be accountable to your needs, timetable and budget.
  • Professional. Everything will be done in an appropriate, proficient manner that
    represents you well.

We follow a six-step Process.

  • One: We listen to your needs, soak up your data and make sure we understand your challenges. If primary or secondary research is needed, we’ll take it on.
  • Two: We develop a plan of action and a budget… and ensure both make sense to you.
  • Three: We create the solutions – the communication, collateral, project, manual, event — whatever the challenge may be — pulling in the necessary resources to do it right.
  • Four: We execute the plan, keeping an eye toward the budget, timetable and objectives.
  • Five: We track our efforts so we’ll all know if we’re heading in the right direction.
  • Six: We evaluate the completed assignment or finished product and make continuous improvement recommendations for the future.

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